Review of The Magnolia Journal, summer 2017

Confession: We LOVE the show fixer upper. It was part of the inspiration & courage to purchase our work-in-progress. We enjoy the learning, the humor and the freshness of watching a family who enjoy being family.

My sister bought me a copy of the summer 2017 edition of The Magnolia Journal as part of my birthday present. Of course, I expected to like it, but y’all it was awesome! For starters, Magnolia was the name of the house I shared with my college roomies, so obviously the name is great. The content, however, was genuinely encouraging in a not-your-average-magazine kind of way.

In her editorial letter, Joanna Gaines says the summer issue is focused on “a quiet kind of confidence that allows us to live our lives bravely, unfettered by popular opinion or nagging fears.” In addition to highlighting examples of people who are learning to live this way, the magazine includes great seasonal and decor ideas. I especially loved that there was an article on succulents as I begin to think about indoor & outdoor plants! Finally, each issue contains some Chip & Jo staples that are always sure to delight, and this summer one is no exception. Enjoy!

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  1. Was kinda wondering about this journal. I got a free copy of Milk Street Cooking School journal and was thinking between the Two MSJ is the brain child and new career choice for the Cooks Illustrated show and school. His latest indeavor is more straight forward and a bit scientific. Leaning toward Magnolia. But…. we could share!?!!?

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