this blog

As we journey through life, there are different seasons. Part of this season for me is setting aside time to write and practicing the courage to share it.


The purpose of this blog is to create space to remind you that you are loved, your life matters, and you have more potential than you know. In other words, I most often write about identity, intention in choices big and small, and personal development.


The title of this blog, bonnejourney, comes from a combination of two ideas.

First, the idea of life being a journey or process. Second, the title is phonetically similar to the French phrase “bonne journee” [bun jour neigh] meaning “have a good day.” This phrase is often used in farewell, much like the English slang “have a good one” or “see you later.

So in perfect franglais bonnejourney expresses the atmosphere I’d like to cultivate here: in between our opportunities to connect, my hope is for us to enjoy our journeys, and I expect to see you again soon.


This blog would not be possible without the people who are in my life because these are their stories too. Thank you for being part of my journey, for listening and for encouraging me to share.

Finally, to all my readers, a hope to motivate, encourage and equip you lies behind my words. You are always welcome to ask questions, make comments and share your own stories; I’m listening. Thank you for stopping by!

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