I have always loved words – speaking them, reading them, writing them. The intricacies of language are like a beautiful melody and stories have the ability to inspire and teach us. I have also always had a thirst to know what is true, as well as a desire to share what I’m learning in my quest.
The Story of our lives
Personally, I’ve come to believe that God is authoring the story of our lives, a tale which is much older and greater than any of us know. I see each of us as unique characters in that story and my hope is to encourage you in what you bring to the unfolding drama. The most exciting part is that we get to participate with the Author in how the story is written.
My story & yours?!
I always hated those choose your own adventure books growing up because I wanted to know the “right” choice, but they are more life-like. How do the choices we make impact the story being written?
We are significant simply because He chose to include us in His story. We are each uniquely wired and He has great plans for us! His plans are always best because He can see the whole story. How will your character develop, and will you be a help or a hindrance to the plot?
Life, like an adventure tale, is a process of discovery, a journey. We were created for perfection and we are trapped in an imperfect world, but we are not alone. We have each other and we have a good Author. Our role is to live in the story, to share what we know and to ask about what we don’t.
So what do I write about?

My story, your story, His story, our stories. Identity, intention, growth. What I’m learning about, the choices I’m making, and the choices you have. Where will this adventure takes us and will you come with me?

Joanna Koziol, a native of Virginia Beach, has an undergraduate degree in English and French, and a Masters in Teaching. She has worked in a variety of fields, including the language industry, non-profit work and education. She is currently working with preschoolers through the Community Colleges of Spokane where husband Jeremy Koziol, a native of Spokane, also teaches.

J&J are Shaper-Contemplators-Doers who alternate between climbing at the gym or eating pizza… reading on the front lawn or working on their fixer upper… I guess you might say – working hard or enjoying rest… and always, struggling to remember what is true in the midst of the chaos.