A hutch… seriously?!

Some friends of my parents were practically giving away this solid wood china cabinet at a garage sale this past fall. I had plans to hang black and white pictures on the dark purple wall and never imagined owning a hutch. Even now, weeks later, it feels almost too… grown-up? stately?

I’m not sure it fits our style; I want to paint it a robin’s egg blue, but then there would be no going back. It fits the space so perfectly and provides more space and easier access for dishes we use less often. It even has a light on the top shelf in a part of the room that was a bit dark previously.

So anyway, we own a hutch now!

Gutters & Trim

Everything is a process around here!

I know I’ve said that before, but some projects scream this reality more than others. For example, Jeremy put together all the gutters, but is a waiting for another part to arrive in the mail before he can actually attach them to the house. So there they sit!

Gutters, and using the clothesline!

I’ve been working on painting all the trim – around the doors, windows, ceiling, built-ins… for more on this “process,” read Thursday’s post!

see the ceiling trim, & olaf loves summer (in the window)
working on the trim & built-ins

Bench, Curtains & Frames

Everything is a work-in-progress around here! We re-arrange this, find a place for that… here are some updated snapshots…

Picture #1: We moved the entry bench and put up the fence from our wedding and some pics. Now when you walk in you see that instead of our shoes. 🙂

Picture #2: Jeremy made his first bench, and it looks so awesome! He is bummed that the top is a tad longer than the table legs so we can’t tuck it under, but he could prob adjust that if we decide we want it to do so because the bench legs are the right width. Thought first we’d see if it works as is 🙂

Picture #3: First, you have to find the frames, and then I’ll work on diversifying the pictures so every one isn’t of our wedding!

Pictures #4-6: I LOVE my new sheer bird curtains. I wasn’t sure if they’d work with the current gray because one has a grommet top and one has tab top, but they do! Now we can fully cover the windows when the curtains are closed, but you can’t see through them and we still get light. Plus, they have little blue birds on them. :0

Birthday Weekend

My husband and I are both planners. For us, a day off usually entails not planning because it is a rest from what we naturally do regularly. Saturdays, vacations, holidays, and birthdays fit in this category.


Another one of my favorites things is seeing people I know get to know each other. So this year, I invited friends and family over for a BBQ on the Friday before my Saturday birthday. That way, I could enjoy celebrating with everyone, but do all the planning and prepping ahead of time. Then on Saturday, I was free to take the day as it came. It was a fun weekend!

Saturday Morning

Saturday, Jeremy said we could do whatever I wanted so I just kept doing what I felt like next! We went to Chaps for an early breakfast. Baked oatmeal and coffee for me; french toast for him. He was skeptical that oatmeal was a good birthday breakfast choice until he tasted it. It won him over and he doesn’t even like oatmeal much. We also got a cinnamon roll for later.

Next, we went antiquing. We checked out three local stores, two of which were new to us. Boulevard Mercantile is a cute building with a good selection and I will definitely go back. We had been to Tossed & Found before and it seemed to have more furniture, as well as a hodge-podge of other items. Last, we visited the Vintage Rabbit Antique Mall and that store is HUGE. We spent quite a bit of time browsing through all of the trinkets and I was surprised that Jeremy seemed to enjoy it as well.

Saturday Afternoon

We also returned some books to Auntie’s downtown and walked over to browse Atticus. A lot of ground in one day! After all the shopping, we headed home for a leftover bbq food lunch and watched a show. We are currently watching S.H.I.E.L.D. on Netflix. Then we both did some reading, eventually splitting the cinnamon roll and having a second cup of coffee.

Then, we went for a walk in a new-to-me park called Heritage Gardens. It is a part of Edwidge Woldson park that was discovered after the ice storm in 1996. Spokane’s once secret garden was full of perennials that we now have in our yard, plus more flowers & great views of downtown!

Saturday Evening

We headed back downtown to Fire for Camino & Honey Badger pizza, and then, Jeremy ordered an ice cream cookie for us to share. I had enough sweet for the day with the oatmeal alone, but it was a day to celebrate and the treats were delicious!! We ended the day with the new Beauty and the Beast; it was as if the animated story of my childhood came to life! Loved it!

Home Decor & Plants

While Jeremy tackled the electrical over spring break, I spent the time being sick, writing, shopping & decorating. I was pretty bummed about not having energy to do everything I had planned to do, but grateful for the time to rest and for unexpected, fun & affordable finds at Ross. (I went there because it is close, and I didn’t have energy for anything further away! and then I went back the next day!)

Here are some snapshots…

I also recently planted some peppers (chili, sweet) & tomatos (roma, cherry) indoors using some pots I found in the backyard. Here’s to hoping they grow and produce fruit we can eat!


Thanks to my parents for ordering us this bench!

We love the new look to the entry way and how easily we can sit to take our shoes on/off. They worked conspiratorily with Jeremy’s parents to have it be a return from Christmas surprise. I found good deals on the basket, pillow and lampshade (Ross and Shopko), and we got the lamp base at the Habitat for Humanity store for $5. Eventually, I want to paint the base bronze and make the wall behind the bench a reclaimed wood accent wall. Maybe add some wall hooks and a neutral indoor/outdoor rug.

Painting (and Decorating!) the Living and Dining Room

So I realized that our main living areas have come a long way since I last shared a peek early on. We actually haven’t worked on much since before the holidays which has been so refreshing! We have been enjoying a new normal of living here!

The blue/gray living room and purple/gray dining room is an ACTUAL reality now. Furniture is arranged. Curtains are up (although we need more eventually to fully cover the large windows, and I’m not sure I love the ones I have, but they work for now). We have been using the fireplace and TV (corner on chair between window and painting). Friends have been eating at our table and enjoying our couches.

This spring, we will slowly chip away at painting the trim, windows, doors, built-ins, but these pics give you a pretty good idea of the color scheme.

It’s amazing the difference little things, such as the runner (shown directly above),  throws & pillows (see first two living room pics) & ottomans (shown below) can make in a room! Candles and pictures on the wall help too so slowly figuring those out as well – in my mind, this is the fun stuff!