Free February De-clutter Calendar

Here are some ideas to  tackle  in  February…  if you are anything like me,

January isn’t done, 

February is half over,

and I’ve not had much time (LIKE AT ALL) to do more than maintain the house (ya know, groceries, dishes)

BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t plan to make a little progress the next time I do happen to find fifteen minutes! 🙂

Steady on, de-clutterers!


Baking shelves

Jeremy’s dad gave us an old mantle that a friend was going to throw away. I had been dreaming of a baking corner when the free, beautiful wood came our way. So I set about figuring out how we could get the most use out of it with the space we have…

Still a work-in-progress, but so far, we’ve designed the shelves and also saved some wood to use in the front entry. Jeremy sanded down the wood from it’s orange-ish hue and it was beautiful so we left it. He then cut it to size and made some corbels (painted white to blend into the wall).

We’re going to add one more shelf up high, but here’s how the corner shelves are looking so far…

Free January De-clutter Calendar

 Have you ever found yourself staring at your closet, or your pantry, and wondering where do I even begin?

No one ever told me how long it takes to set up a house!

A year and a few months in and I’m still organizing…

I would like to simplify and minimize as well, but I’m finding that may be a later step to first sorting and rearranging.

For example, my goal is to have an appropriate amount of clothes for myself for each season – items that I like, that fit well and that actually coordinate. A bit like writing a rough draft though, I’m first having to sort through my clothes attempting to assign a season for each item before assessing the content of any particular season’s wardrobe. 

Between seasonal stuff and school stuff, the process was feeling daunting… until I found this January de-clutter calendar. Check it out… 15 minutes a day x 12 calendars a year = 365 days to organizational success!

Some tasks I’ve done already or in less time, others take longer, but the calendar’s been helpful to me to break the big process down into 15 minute increments and then GET STARTED. If I have time for more, great. If I don’t, I still feel like I accomplished something.

…maybe next year I’ll do a second round and we’ll actually own less stuff! 🙂

Decorating for Christmas


The day after Thanksgiving, we spontaneously decided to go purchase indoor, decorative Christmas lights. While we were there, Fred Meyer reminded us that it was Black Friday so many things were 50% off. We ended up with lights, a wreath, scented pinecones, cranberries and decorative candles.

We were excited to start decorating as soon as we got home! However, seeing as it was already mid-afternoon and we had friends coming over for dinner, speed decorating ensued. It was so fun!

We had re-arranged a bit that morning, as I had been waiting for some muscle to help me move some furniture. It’s amazing to me that we are still figuring out the flow of our home! After so many months, all of a sudden, I will suddenly “see” with clarity a new idea that helps with organization or practicality, or just looks better, in my opinion!

I found this crate at Ross this week and loved how it is the colors of our house with a Christmas tree on one side, but not on the other – so it can simply be turned around for the other seasons! How often do you find non-traditional red and green Christmas decor?!

The cylindrical now blanket holder that I had found at a yard sale this summer has been working great as storage elsewhere for my yoga mat & foam roller, but seeing as I use the orange 70’s style afghan passed down from my grandparents home every morning, I decided it was time to stop folding it. Voila! (Now I’d like to find a similar one for the exercise gear… eventually.)

P.S. We decided to buy a wreath instead of a tree this year!

A hutch… seriously?!

Some friends of my parents were practically giving away this solid wood china cabinet at a garage sale this past fall. I had plans to hang black and white pictures on the dark purple wall and never imagined owning a hutch. Even now, weeks later, it feels almost too… grown-up? stately?

I’m not sure it fits our style; I want to paint it a robin’s egg blue, but then there would be no going back. It fits the space so perfectly and provides more space and easier access for dishes we use less often. It even has a light on the top shelf in a part of the room that was a bit dark previously.

So anyway, we own a hutch now!

Gutters & Trim

Everything is a process around here!

I know I’ve said that before, but some projects scream this reality more than others. For example, Jeremy put together all the gutters, but is a waiting for another part to arrive in the mail before he can actually attach them to the house. So there they sit!

Gutters, and using the clothesline!

I’ve been working on painting all the trim – around the doors, windows, ceiling, built-ins… for more on this “process,” read Thursday’s post!

see the ceiling trim, & olaf loves summer (in the window)
working on the trim & built-ins

Bench, Curtains & Frames

Everything is a work-in-progress around here! We re-arrange this, find a place for that… here are some updated snapshots…

Picture #1: We moved the entry bench and put up the fence from our wedding and some pics. Now when you walk in you see that instead of our shoes. 🙂

Picture #2: Jeremy made his first bench, and it looks so awesome! He is bummed that the top is a tad longer than the table legs so we can’t tuck it under, but he could prob adjust that if we decide we want it to do so because the bench legs are the right width. Thought first we’d see if it works as is 🙂

Picture #3: First, you have to find the frames, and then I’ll work on diversifying the pictures so every one isn’t of our wedding!

Pictures #4-6: I LOVE my new sheer bird curtains. I wasn’t sure if they’d work with the current gray because one has a grommet top and one has tab top, but they do! Now we can fully cover the windows when the curtains are closed, but you can’t see through them and we still get light. Plus, they have little blue birds on them. :0