Happy One Year House!

We officially closed on our current house on October 21 of last year. We spent time cleaning and gathering our stuff from the several places it was stored. Our first official night in the house was the 31st; we were literally moving in the last of the stuff as the trick-or-treating was in progress. So, this week we’re celebrating:

Happy Birthday, Rainbow House!

It’s leaf time again… here are some photos of your first year…

Favorite Summer Moments

What have been some of your favorite moments of summer so far?

My birthday and anniversary are always on my list! This month my parents are in town so it’s been great to show them the house in person and spend some time together. Here is my mom and I at Arbor Crest.

I also enjoy the ordinary moments that make the season special – reading in the lawn, hanging out at the lake with friends, BBQ’s. How about you? What have been some of your favorite moments this summer?

Happy First Day of Summer! + Spring 2017 Highlights!

Here is how the South hill is ringing in the first day of summer! How will you celebrate today? Do you (your family, your neighborhood) have any start of summer traditions? I’d love to hear about them!

Top five highlights of Spring 2017


On Mama, Love & Loss

Make Time for you

Listening: It’s our Turn! – wrapped up book discussion


Listening to my life: the voice of Love as Author


Where is the voice of love in my struggle?

If you have stories to share, I’d love to hear those too!!

Birthday Weekend

My husband and I are both planners. For us, a day off usually entails not planning because it is a rest from what we naturally do regularly. Saturdays, vacations, holidays, and birthdays fit in this category.


Another one of my favorites things is seeing people I know get to know each other. So this year, I invited friends and family over for a BBQ on the Friday before my Saturday birthday. That way, I could enjoy celebrating with everyone, but do all the planning and prepping ahead of time. Then on Saturday, I was free to take the day as it came. It was a fun weekend!

Saturday Morning

Saturday, Jeremy said we could do whatever I wanted so I just kept doing what I felt like next! We went to Chaps for an early breakfast. Baked oatmeal and coffee for me; french toast for him. He was skeptical that oatmeal was a good birthday breakfast choice until he tasted it. It won him over and he doesn’t even like oatmeal much. We also got a cinnamon roll for later.

Next, we went antiquing. We checked out three local stores, two of which were new to us. Boulevard Mercantile is a cute building with a good selection and I will definitely go back. We had been to Tossed & Found before and it seemed to have more furniture, as well as a hodge-podge of other items. Last, we visited the Vintage Rabbit Antique Mall and that store is HUGE. We spent quite a bit of time browsing through all of the trinkets and I was surprised that Jeremy seemed to enjoy it as well.

Saturday Afternoon

We also returned some books to Auntie’s downtown and walked over to browse Atticus. A lot of ground in one day! After all the shopping, we headed home for a leftover bbq food lunch and watched a show. We are currently watching S.H.I.E.L.D. on Netflix. Then we both did some reading, eventually splitting the cinnamon roll and having a second cup of coffee.

Then, we went for a walk in a new-to-me park called Heritage Gardens. It is a part of Edwidge Woldson park that was discovered after the ice storm in 1996. Spokane’s once secret garden was full of perennials that we now have in our yard, plus more flowers & great views of downtown!

Saturday Evening

We headed back downtown to Fire for Camino & Honey Badger pizza, and then, Jeremy ordered an ice cream cookie for us to share. I had enough sweet for the day with the oatmeal alone, but it was a day to celebrate and the treats were delicious!! We ended the day with the new Beauty and the Beast; it was as if the animated story of my childhood came to life! Loved it!