Four Years Ago Today…

we agreed to become forever friends!

It was a day as cold and blustery as late winter in the Northwest usually is…

yet he convinced me that a walk was still a good idea.

He had casually suggested earlier in the week that we should visit our first meeting place over the weekend, and because it was not out of character for him, I did not think twice about it.

Suddenly, finding myself back on the bridge where we had first met, despite the brutal wind, I had a surprising thought…
I wish he would propose…
but we had not known each other long, and I was certain my grandmother’s ring was in my jewelry case at home.  So my thinking continued…
but he can’t, because he doesn’t have the ring.
Then, he was on his knees, giving a speech that ended with “Will you marry me?” and holding the ring! I blurted out the first words that came to mind:
“Where did you get that?!”
To which, he anxiously grinning replied: “Is that a yes?”
Oh! Right… Yes!!
P.S. Special thanks to Laura for helping Jeremy find the ring, and to everyone else who knew before I did for keeping the secret, barely!! I thought you were acting strange 🙂


I spent the last week of the year (mostly) unplugged.

Digital Sabbath
For me, unplugging is primarily about disconnecting from my phone (and email). I’m fairly disciplined when it comes to technological limits, but it’s the needs and requests of others that trip me up. I’m conscientious so I think about EVERYTHING, A LOT. Often this translates to me spending time and energy on what another may not even take in.

So unplugging for me is a wonderfully freeing, yet challenging weekly routine that I’ve adopted to help me keep things in perspective. A reminder that I’m free to disengage, disconnect, and in fact, I’m not at all responsible for others. At the same time, a break often refuels my desire and capacity to connect with a renewed clarity on what’s important.

Interestingly, many in the technology industry are paving the way for a weekly digital detox, and as I learned while reading during my break, some are also taking the last week of the year off! I didn’t know about that last part until mid-way through my week, but I found the week to be a refreshing, though not easy detox.

Here’s how my week went down. I was all caught up on my correspondence, it was Christmas, and I turned my phone on to put it on airplane mode… only to learn I was not all caught up on communication. For a moment, I hesitated, but then I realized there would always be “one more” and in essence, this was the very reason I had decided to unplug. So I did.

The first three days I felt liberated. Free from thinking about other’s concerns, coordinating anything, able to rest and enjoy. I felt this way despite some necessary communication which brought awareness of more requests. A needed reminder that most things really can wait. The fourth day felt luxurious, like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do, but an extra day is a gift so I’ll enjoy it. Yesterday and today have brought anticipation of re-connecting and a desire to give in early. I know I could, but I also know I’m free not to and that is a place I want to stay in all year – plugged in or not 🙂

Do you ever unplug? Comment below about your experience!

4 new lives!

There is much to celebrate.

  • One of my oldest and dearest friends, Jenny from Virginia had a baby girl, Amelia Rose.
  • I was recently able to hold week old Millie Lynn, Laura the Lovely’s sweet, now 3 wk old baby.
  • My baby cousin Markie is all grown-up and GETTING MARRIED TODAY! Brianna, we are so bummed not to meet you in person, but excited for you both and all those who are able to travel to Ohio for what is sure to be a fabulous, fun and festive wedding!

Prayers for health, safe travels, and more joy for all.


There are so many opportunities to give this time of year.

How do you decide what and to whom to give?

I long to be generous, yet also a good steward.

2 Corinthians 9:7 says “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart”

There is beauty in that – we all care about different things.

There is challenge in that – none of us can rely on our hearts to be pure.

How can we help each other dialogue about giving? What are some organizations you’d like to invite others into? Perhaps some ways you can give that require more time or service than money? What are your favorite gifts to give? to receive?



Happy 4 years of Friendship!

Last Monday, I mentioned that we were celebrating one year in our house this week. Well, we are also celebrating 4 years of friendship this week!

Here are four years in four pics…
engagement photo @ Boots

Jeremy and I met on the Gonzaga campus TODAY in 2013 and took a long walk to Boots bakery…



what we didn’t know then was that 1 year later we’d be married and returning from a trip to San Fran…

trip to San Fran

…or that’d we’d win best costume at my sister’s Halloween party… 











or that we’d dress like our first home when we were moving into it!

Halloween @ our house
Here’s to more adventures to come!

Happy One Year House!

We officially closed on our current house on October 21 of last year. We spent time cleaning and gathering our stuff from the several places it was stored. Our first official night in the house was the 31st; we were literally moving in the last of the stuff as the trick-or-treating was in progress. So, this week we’re celebrating:

Happy Birthday, Rainbow House!

It’s leaf time again… here are some photos of your first year…