Baking shelves

Jeremy’s dad gave us an old mantle that a friend was going to throw away. I had been dreaming of a baking corner when the free, beautiful wood came our way. So I set about figuring out how we could get the most use out of it with the space we have…

Still a work-in-progress, but so far, we’ve designed the shelves and also saved some wood to use in the front entry. Jeremy sanded down the wood from it’s orange-ish hue and it was beautiful so we left it. He then cut it to size and made some corbels (painted white to blend into the wall).

We’re going to add one more shelf up high, but here’s how the corner shelves are looking so far…


Handsome has been busy creatively putting together wood for practical purposes in our house. (Say that sentence five times fast. Just kidding.) It has been so fun to watch him discover this hobby and skill.


Gutters & Trim

Everything is a process around here!

I know I’ve said that before, but some projects scream this reality more than others. For example, Jeremy put together all the gutters, but is a waiting for another part to arrive in the mail before he can actually attach them to the house. So there they sit!

Gutters, and using the clothesline!

I’ve been working on painting all the trim – around the doors, windows, ceiling, built-ins… for more on this “process,” read Thursday’s post!

see the ceiling trim, & olaf loves summer (in the window)
working on the trim & built-ins

Spring Growth!


After 5 weeks, we have all, but a couple minor lights, back up and working! Woohoo!


Jeremy climbed a tree and successfully cut down some tree limbs, but there may have been a period in time when he was “stuck” (aka as in “Wife, I dropped the rope. Can you just throw it 30 ft. up to me?”) Thanks for the confidence, but even with a ladder and some climbing skills… nope! He had two small ropes holding him to the limb and was able to shimmy down to the longer rope. Hence, the scrapes!

Tulips are my favorite, and they are sprouting up everywhere! Red, yellow, orange-ish… outside my kitchen window! πŸ™‚

Indoor tomato plants have also sprouted, but it’s still a little early to transfer them. Aren’t they cute?


Jeremy worked a full week over his spring break in a different “field.” A first for him, he used knowledge from his dad, the internet and his problem-solving skills to re-wire half of our house. Bye-bye knob-and-tube, hello modernity.

He removed insulation in the attic so he could get to the wires, and since the process is taking longer than expected, we are a bit bummed about the current lack of energy efficient. Spring break seemed the time to begin though, it is warmer than it was all winter and all that is left is the addition (kitchen & bath).

Finishing the wiring, and then updating the insulation is next up on the agenda. So impressed with my handyman’s evolving skills!!

Spring House Plans

Items in regular type are priorities for this Spring. Everything italicized is on the wishlist for later than spring! One of the best things about plans is that they are simply that, and thus, subject to change as time, money and life dictate πŸ™‚ Still, we find them helpful… so here’s our current to-do list.

Big Projects

  • electrical in attic
  • insulation in attic
  • new doors
  • new floors in back part of house (addition)
  • gutters


  • office and remaining bedroom
  • trim, lots of trim
  • all the interior doors
  • built-ins
  • fireplace
  • random smaller items (shelves, lamps, curtain rods)


  • bench for dining table
  • baking counter & shelves
  • kitchen island
  • entry wall


  • de-clutter (broken pottery, paintings, tires, yep)
  • rake flower beds & grass
  • see what comes up! and try to identify… πŸ™‚
  • wash outside windows

Kitchen Thoughts & Fiction Recommend

We switched our fridge and the table holding the microwave and it has made the room feel so much larger and brighter! I hung a shelf I had over the fridge which works well for bread storage and I want to paint it red. I am considering also painting the shelf above the sink window red. Moving the fridge also makes me want to get a couple additional curtains more because that area feels more like a part of the room now. That was then

The plan is to make a baking area where the microwave table is currently located, so I can use that table as my writing desk. We also are renewed in wanting a kitchen island now that we can see how it would fit a little clearer, but one step atΒ  a time. We bought Baby Blue Eyes for the lower kitchen cabinets, but I’m not convinced its the right choice. Maybe we will use that gallon for furniture? What color lower cabinets would you choose to complement a white kitchen with red accents – baby blue, grayish blue, or… ?

I hosted book club this month and some of the ladies commented that our home was the perfect place to host this particular novel (The Muralist) because of the art connection, lol. We went on an art tour to the basement and I showed them the original cabinet doors. They said we should have a yard sale and use the income on the kitchen changes! I’ll post some photos in the weeks to come, but sneak preview of Europe if you look carefully above πŸ˜‰

Btw, it was a great read!