An IF detour

Any March Madness fans out there? Gonzaga barely won yesterday, but they persevered!

Todays’ post is the continuation of my learning from the IF conference last month. We took a detour from Timothy into Hebrews 12.

Perseverance (Christine Caine) – Hebrews 12

-marathon, not a sprint

-not about what’s happening around us, but who is on the throne

-witnesses (let us also, skin in the game), not commentators or spectators

-the pressure of our generation – what gospel will we pass down?

-your turn to carry the baton, what will we do?

-Israelites complained and only their children made it to the promised land…

-we can call sin what it is b/c there is a cure! The blood of Jesus sets all free.

-fix our eyes & throw off whatever is dragging you down

Learning Deluge

Do you ever feel like your in the wilderness?

Living on just enough manna to get you to the next day?

A lot of this past year has felt like that…

More recently, I’ve felt like I’m back in college! The opportunities to learn – to intake information – have been raining, so quickly that I have not been able to digest it all before more arrives.

For some maybe this learning deluge may sound terrible, but for me, it’s been an overwhelming reminder that God has been with me this whole time. He has seen; He knows just what I need. After the wilderness comes abundance.

Abundance in a way that I am uniquely wired to be fueled by… how are you wired? what is in your life that is challenging or encouraging you this season?

because maybe what seemed like not enough… or what seems too lavish… might both be exactly what He knows we need today.

Four Years Ago Today…

we agreed to become forever friends!

It was a day as cold and blustery as late winter in the Northwest usually is…

yet he convinced me that a walk was still a good idea.

He had casually suggested earlier in the week that we should visit our first meeting place over the weekend, and because it was not out of character for him, I did not think twice about it.

Suddenly, finding myself back on the bridge where we had first met, despite the brutal wind, I had a surprising thought…
I wish he would propose…
but we had not known each other long, and I was certain my grandmother’s ring was in my jewelry case at home.  So my thinking continued…
but he can’t, because he doesn’t have the ring.
Then, he was on his knees, giving a speech that ended with “Will you marry me?” and holding the ring! I blurted out the first words that came to mind:
“Where did you get that?!”
To which, he anxiously grinning replied: “Is that a yes?”
Oh! Right… Yes!!
P.S. Special thanks to Laura for helping Jeremy find the ring, and to everyone else who knew before I did for keeping the secret, barely!! I thought you were acting strange 🙂

What I Took Away from IF: 2018, part 3

On Power, Love and a Sound Mind (Rebecca Lyons)

-power = light

-Over time our chains (weaknesses, failures, fears, wounds) become our identity, and then, we believe whatever it is can’t ever change. It affects how we run our race – can you picture running in chains?

-So we have to know what’s true – don’t say, “well I don’t know, that sounds good, could be…” b/c it’s a NARROW way

-Allow yourself to heal as a daughter so we don’t either abdicate our roles nor resent sons (co-heirs)

-Will you step into your role as a mother of our generation?

-Chase the kingdom (always opposite of the kingdom of man where we are temporarily residing)

-We all have equal access to the throne. We all hear from  God so you likely already know what to do. The question  is: do you trust Him?

-Confession always begins w/ repentance and ends w/ a declaration of praise

-Pray out whatever  (lie, wound, confession, condemnation) is holding you back by using the only offensive weapon which is Sword = Word

The rest of the armor is for defense – not bathrobe of God  – b/c it is a fight

-Ask others to pray, confess, declare truth over you, but also confess with your own mouth the things that are true

Phew! That wasn’t even all of the first evening so you see why I said long! 🙂 All of these ladies have written at least one book (which I would now like to read) so google them if you’re interested in learning more!

What I Took Away from IF: 2018, part 2

On Life in the Middle (Jo Saxton) –

-We often doubt in the dark what we heard in the light

-We can become defined by disappointments

-We can feel like we’ve had a number of coffees… and nothing’s changing!

-Don’t give up, but rather be AVAILABLE to be transformed

-Meaning often follows surrender

-Paul reminded Timothy of 3 things :

  1. Faith – God instigates faith. God has always had a vision for our identity and a purpose. Our faith is a response to to what God has done and our faith has never been dependent on our success. God sees you, and is for you, and He isn’t finished with you yet!
  2. Empowerment – We have not been given a spirit of fear (or comparison), but rather a Spirit of power, love and a sound mind.
  3. Re-engagement – Don’t hide or apologize for what God has put in you. Live it out, and guard it by knowing what makes you weak (worry, expectations, appetite, knocks you down). Talk about your weaknesses with others who can pray over you specifically for these struggles, even in advance of  your felt needs.

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What I Took Away from IF: 2018, part 1

We spent the majority of our time at the local IF Gatheringlast weekend in the book of 2 Timothy. It was encouraging, refreshing, challenging, and… long! Thanks to Jeremy’s mom, Susie for joining me!

In this post, I’ll share what I learned from 2 Timothy, Chapter 1 (content from 3 speakers in 3 parts). The headings, and notes that follow, are my summary of what the women shared. As for the inspiration behind their spoken words, you will just have to trust me! It was palpable.

On Faith & Doubt (Jennie Allen) –

-Doubt is the darkness that threatens the light

-Doubt is worse than rebellion b/c it makes us apathetic

-Don’t deny your doubt, don’t feed your doubt, but rather, fight it!

-In doubt, there is great potential for faith, but we HAVE to talk about it and we have to  know what to do w/ it… IT IS POSSIBLE TO CHANGE the way we think!

-Do you want to be a flame-thrower, or a half-hearted candle flicker?

Five years ago, Jennie felt God call her to disciple a generation. This year, she challenged each of  us to commit to investing in two other lives. Can you identify two people whose lives you can pour into this year?

P.S. Your kids count!

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Free February De-clutter Calendar

Here are some ideas to  tackle  in  February…  if you are anything like me,

January isn’t done, 

February is half over,

and I’ve not had much time (LIKE AT ALL) to do more than maintain the house (ya know, groceries, dishes)

BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t plan to make a little progress the next time I do happen to find fifteen minutes! 🙂

Steady on, de-clutterers!


Little Chirp

I have a number of children’s books up my sleeve… in case I ever have an unexpected moment! 😉 Some of them have been floating around in my mind for quite some time, but recently Little Chirp emerged, fresh and chiper, a whole story written and sketched. Maybe you’ll get to meet him someday!