Shiny and new

Jeremy bought me this totebag I’d been wanting on my birthday. Magazine article research storage 🙂
My parents bought me this publishing guide for my birthday. It arrived yesterday!


My mom has been wanting to get me an apron for awhile and thought I’d like these colors. She was right!
I bought these running shoes this week with a birthday gift card to REI from my sister!






Grateful for gifts!!

Summer Highlights

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the blog yet, below are a few posts to get you started! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

(If you’re all caught up, which posts/categories are your favorite so far?)

June Highlights:

Post Falls

Ironman 70.3

3 francais moments

July Highlights:

July 4th Canoe Trip

Girls Camping Trip

Whidbey Island Family Vacation

August Highlights:

Rio 2016 Olympics

Scotchman Peak

Real Simple Writing Contest


3 Recommended Reno Shows

Do you ever watch home renovation shows? Which are your favorites?

I recommend…

1. Fixer Upper – Everyone’s favorite Texan do-it-yourselvers! Husband and wife contractor-designer team show buyers three potential fixers and then turn one into their dream home. Look for subway tile, shiplap and the couple’s upcoming book due out in October.

2. Property Brothers – Twin brothers, one a realtor and one a designer/contractor. They convince house hunters in Canada and the U.S. to buy a houses that need more work and renovate them immediately, while keeping the total dollar amount spent for both under budget. In an expensive housing market, buyers get more bang for their buck.

3. Love it or List it – Families who are ready for an upgraded house and not sure if they would like to move or remodel are given the opportunity to try both on for size. They look at ideal homes with a realtor while a designer/contractor renovates their current home. The families then make their choice in expensive Vancouver, Canada.

If only we could convince them to come to a town near us! 🙂

Cooking Magazines in the Mail


September issues, fresh off the press!

I’ve been reading Clean Eating for about 5 years now. I used to make a special trip to the bookstore, but then my mom bought me a subscription. (Thanks mom!) Jeremy noticed how much I look forward to CE’s arrival in the mail, and took advantage of an offer to subscribe to Cooking Light. (Thanks love!) I love getting my favorite magazines in the mail! Now my only dilemma is which one to devour first! 🙂

Do you read any cooking magazines? What other magazines do you like? What resources do you use for recipe ideas?

Scotchman Peak

IMG_3597What are you afraid of? Three of my top fears are heights, fires, and wild* animals. So naturally, I married a climber from the Pacific Northwest who loves mountaintop views. With a husband on summer vacation itching to explore the Great PNW and a personal, recent hiking-where-there-might-be-bears experience, I shared MoJo’s scenic facebook shots of a hike where they saw mountain goats with Jeremy.

*My definition of wild includes everything from squirrels, any of the cat family, and of course, those of the bear variety.


He did some research and said Scotchman Peak would be a long hike (4 miles up with 3,700 in elevation gain and 4 back down), but it was only about a 2.5 hr drive. Plus, the panoramic view of the mountains looked worth it. Not to mention, the surname Koziol name comes from Eastern European goat herders and mountain goats’ unique ability to climb rocks is right up Jeremy’s alley.

Second bear sign and to a mtn goat you look like salt!


We left at 7am, stopped by Einstein’s for some delicious egg sandwiches & coffee, and made the 1 hr 2o min drive to Sandpoint. From there it’s about another hour around Lake Pend d’Oreille to Clark Fork & the nearby trailhead. The first sign I see? This is Grizzly & Black Bear Habitat. WHAT?! You’ve got to be kidding. Sigh.

IMG_3639The trail started out level and quickly steepened. Nestled in the Cabinet Mountains, it was varying degrees of wooded switchbacks for the lower portion of the trek. A narrow trail with berry bushes on either side did not exactly set my mind at ease. We heard a woodpecker, crickets, and occasionally other hikers.

The woods gave way to meadows, and each time we came back to a view of the tiny town of Clark Fork, the world seemed to get bigger. Clark Fork is a population of 530 and reminded me of a former time, one small settlement in the midst of breathtaking, rugged wilderness. We could see Lake Pend d’Oreille down below and the Selkirk & Cabinet Mountains all around (mapview).

IMG_3569 IMG_3592 IMG_3599 IMG_3624


See if you can spot him!

The trail and surrounding sides turned to rock and there was sign Do not approach, feed or harass the mountain goats. We stopped for an unhurried lunch about a half of a mile from the top, grateful that though the sun was hot, it was breezy. As we continued on our way, Jeremy was startled by a mountain goat eating his lunch right next to the trail.

The goat was about 20 feet away and we almost would not have noticed him, but you could hear the “Snap, Snap, Snap” as hooves dug and his mouth pulled up and chewed the vegetation. He was much bigger than we would have guessed, and his face looked like an old, not-sure-if-he’s-friendly man. We walked off the trail so we wouldn’t be directly approaching him and he stopped to listen, but continued his lunch.

Top left = Mtn goat; Center = teens hammock; Right = Jeremy’s arm

Almost to the top we saw a momma goat starting down at us (and right next to some other people). She looked serious and when we got to the top discovered she was protecting and communicating to a baby goat on a further outcropping. Jeremy got to within about 5 feet of her slowly and also found the geological marker. IMG_3618



Momma ^ and baby >



IMG_3633 IMG_3625The view was not disappointing. Mountains encircled 360 degrees and the varying shades of blue and green made a beautiful picture. Amazing to see and rejoice in the Creator’s work in the land and the creatures (from goats to our ability to make it up and back, lol).

The trek down felt long. Definitely exhausted and ready to be done when we finally arrived back at our car. We were sunburned, covered in dust up to our knees, bug-bitten and splintered, but at least we didn’t see any bears! 🙂





Favorite Local Pizza

We unashamedly admit our love for pizza. We eat it about once a week, although we sensibly try to vary from where it comes (because then our habit doesn’t seem quite as ridiculous?!).

Favorite Local Pizzas

IMG_3547Benniditos’ Double Pepperoni is the best pepperoni pizza I’ve ever had, hands down. We also like their High Drive with a great combination of red onion & prosciutto ham.

I love MacKenzie River’s BBQ chicken pizza. Jeremy prefers their Rancher (kind of like a supreme). We recently tried and now face a dilemma when ordering one pizza with two varieties on each half. Which one will we not get?

Of course, there is also Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake. We have a similar dilemma with this option though – many amazing pizzas, only two to choose. We usually order half Cowboy and then half of the Garlic variety (Garlic Chicken, Garlic Fennel Sausage).

Spokanites, where are your favorite local pizzas from? Non-locals, tell us about your favorite local pizza places? What makes them unique?



Have you ever blamed your headache on the weather?


After Jeremy and I learned our neighbors had been feeling sick the same day we were a couple weeks back, I decided to do a little digging. Four people feeling varying symptoms, simultaneously, on a cloudy, summer day sounded slightly too coincidental. What I learned surprised me.


Turns out there is a whole field dedicated to studying how weather impacts living things. It’s called biometeorology, and they study the plausibility of connections, such as that between barometric pressure and headaches. See this article from The New York Times.

I also learned that in general Washington State has a fairly steady barometric pressure. Is it possible that because WA generally has steady pressure we are more sensitive to changes? What is your state’s average barometric pressure?

Surprising Connection?

Out of curiosity, I checked our local pressure for a week leading up to the day that the four of us were feeling funny. I learned that it had been steadily increasing by approximately a tenth (or 2 or 3) up until the day in question. That morning (around 6am) the pressure increased by an entire hundredth and it remained elevated until about 11am.

Courtney and I started feeling funny around 11am, Jeremy around mid-day and Pat a little later in the afternoon. Some of us had head and body aches, stuffiness, nausea.  What do you think? Is it possible that such slight differences could affect us?

Blog Launch

Dear Readers,

As we journey through life, there are different seasons. Part of this season for me is setting aside time to write and practicing the courage to share it.

The purpose of this blog is to create space to share what I’m learning and to invite you to participate in what it becomes. I began this blog before launching it because I wanted to experiment a bit with everything from writing to technology. I’m still learning, but I’m enjoying the experience and I’m excited to share.

Let’s enjoy the journey together!

Six Ideas for Getting Started

  • Bookmark the home page in your browser.
  • Enter your email to subscribe to receive blog posts (right hand sidebar).
  • If you are on facebook and prefer to receive blog posts that way, search for the group bonnejourney & request to join.
  • Learn the meaning behind the title of this blog.
  • Browse by category to check out past posts.
  • Ask questions, make comments, share your own stories.

As my basketball-loving father likes to say, “You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Let’s dialogue, shall we?

~Joanna Koziol




3 Fred Meyer Finds

Do you ever shop at Fred Meyer?

I always find interesting, new items, as well as great deals on all the basics. Ours is currently going through a renovation, and I think it has been stressful on the employees. They seem to almost expect customer complaints. I think the improvements will be worth it, but I guess people just don’t like change.

Anyway, 3 interesting items I purchased today…

  1. IMG_3561 Slimcados – Ironic, seeing as these avocados contain half the fat and are as big as a grapefruit!



2. Name that fruit! IMG_3560





Do you know what the pictured fruit is? 




IMG_35663. La Croix – my friend Charlotte introduced these to me on our camping trip and now I’m hooked.



Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?