Boundaries: 3 Books on Time Management

If you enjoyed reading this week’s earlier post about boundaries, here are some book recommendations related to this topic. If you missed that post and want to check it out, click here.

  1. This book on Boundaries was my first introduction to the topic. I read it in 2004 while working in the corporate world and found it helpful. It covers everything from personal relationships to the work environment.
  2. Procratinate on Purpose I read this book last spring and want to check out the author’s previous book. It was practical and while business focused has implications for the day-to-day.
  3. Breathe I have read a few of this author’s books, but this one had some good insight into seeing everything on your plate and then managing it. It is geared toward women and while it references moms quite a bit could be applicable for any stage.

If you have questions about any of these books, I’d love to share more. If you have read them or know of other resources, tell us!

Grays are tricky!!!

So I asked you a trick question! I didn’t mean to, but our final main color has changed a few times… mostly because finding the right gray can be tricky!!!

For example, these three below look so different side-by-side, but in the wall photo at the top, it is hard to tell.

Daydream, Colonial Revival Gray, Lazy Gray, Alabaster (trim)

If you’ve been reading along in our paint series, you know that I was pretty set on Daydream. It was a gray with purple undertones which I thought would work perfectly as a backdrop for gray, blue and purple (my favorite colors). But Jeremy was set on Georgian Bay (a true royal-esque blue) as an accent wall and while I think they could go, I was worried it might be too much color/purple.

Next, we found a timeless gray that had equal parts blue and green, but if anything would look more blue. We thought it looked more gray with Georgian Bay and went better with our choice for trim (Alabaster). But it still didn’t seem quite right to me so I kept looking.

Then, I came across Lazy Gray, it is lighter which I think may work even better with both Georgian Bay and Alabaster. It also had blue and lavendar undertones so it is more in the middle of Daydream and Colonial. Since we debated back and forth about these two for so long, we feel good about something kind of in between.

We still need to see all of the paint in the actual rooms, but we liked them enough to go ahead and get our paint tinted while it was on sale. (SW will let you buy now and tint later if you want.) So, we are leaning toward Lazy Gray in the main living and dining area; Daydream and Colonial in the bedrooms. But, we will see if we still like this plan in real time. We could always switch it around again, right? 😉

Boundaries and Busyness

What comes to mind when you read the title of this post?

I like, no, I love the word boundary.  I didn’t always, but today, it suggests limits that lead to freedom as opposed to arbitrary restrictions (as I once thought). I’ve always questioned what is expected of me, where the lines are, how anything – from my job to my personal space – is defined. So, this word suggests lines that create definition, safety, security.


I dislike the association that comes with busyness. In my mind, this word conjures up images of being rushed, hurried, stressed. It is interesting because I am a go-getter, someone who likes to be productive, check things off my to-do list, and who generally believes it is better if these tasks happen in the most efficient way & time possible. Yet I do not like to simply “be busy.” I want to be intentional and use my time well, but my perspective on productive time might not be yours.


We have access to more knowledge, information and technology than we can keep up with in today’s world. Just going to the grocery store can be overwhelming with the number of options there are from which to choose: brand, price, quantity. Not to mention, everyone defines successful time management in their own way. No wonder I (and maybe you?) struggle to maintain boundaries in the busyness of life.

I’m not sure if this struggle is American, female, first-world, or a blend of them all, but I do think it is often a struggle for many, and I often wonder if it is a mostly invisible one. Are we blind to the true way boundaries (or lack thereof) affect us personally, and do we miss how our decisions are affecting those around us, even those we think we know well? Is our hesitancy rooted in fear – that we will miss out, make the wrong choice, not do (and consequently, not be) enough?

Can you relate? In what ways do you try to create, maintain or limit & avoid boundaries in your life? Are these ways necessary? helpful?




Spotlight on Sherwin Williams

I have heard good things about Sherwin-Williams and I had to start somewhere in terms of narrowing down the endless choice of color options. So I started there. I only looked at SW colors.

I visited the store enough that the employees started to recognize me. I discovered the Color Snap Visualizer to help me compare options on a real photo. This tool has been especially helpful since we can’t physically be in our space yet and see the colors live.

Originally, we were thinking of going with SW Ovation paint (cheapest and known for its association with HGTV). We knew they have sales regularly and it seemed like a good way to go. However, the reviews I read on this paint seemed SO mixed – people either had an awesome experience and loved it or felt it was a waste of money. We also learned that while this paint is at the lowest end cost-wise, it is excluded from sales.

This past weekend, Sherwin Williams had a 40% off sale and I had a $15 off coupon. So, we estimated amounts and colors as best we could, and now (gulp) we are committed!  We decided to go with their Superpaint which is normally more expensive, but would be the same price as Ovation because of the sale. Higher quality for the same price with only positive reviews (as far as I’ve seen).


Paint Selection: Final Answers

So I’ve thoroughly explored swatches and samples. (If you missed this, read about it here.)

I may have even painted some furniture

Considered the overall flow of the home, as well as the specific colors for each room. Questioned which walls in each room function as an accent, if there is one at all. Ceiling paint, trim paint, wall paint, cabinet paint. Eggshell, flat, gloss, semi-gloss. Time to make some final decisions.

Which of these do you think we chose for the main living/dining room color?

Colonial Revival Blue vs. Daydream

Stay tuned for final answers up next!



So, I started my new job yesterday. It felt a little like I had gone full circle, reminding me of when I worked at The Growing Place, a daycare in SC, just before going back to school for my teaching certification. It was one of my favorite jobs. The daily plan is similar, but my knowledge of child development, the learning process and my career outlook (for lack of a better way to capture the idea) has changed significantly.

So far, I have been impressed with the thoroughness in which the Headstart program addresses the preschool child. There were four of us in a room with about 16 kids, and everyone was busy. There is a clear schedule and flow to the day, and the lead teacher seems to have a good balance of knowing the expectations, yet also seeing that many new kids (and teachers) necessitates a learning curve.

We are surrounded by other preschool classes, as well as an infant class and toddler rooms. The facilities are amazing – only two years old and equipped with height appropriate sinks, a toy-washer (so I hear) and an enclosed sidewalk around the playground for bikes and scooters. On the other side of the fence is the college campus, the kids’ parents and my husband.

Paint Selection: Kitchen

kichenOur soon-to-be kitchen is currently stuck in the 70’s. We will be painting everything white, except the bottom cabinets blue. Eventually, we will upgrade the floors, appliances, sink and counters. It is a good size (hard to tell here) with a lot of light!

Anyone have experience painting paneling? Care to share tips? The paneling is on the ceiling and walls of the kitchen and connecting hallway.

You may also notice that the artist who currently lives in the home has painted every surface (see cabinets). We are probably going to cover these with beadboard and then piant. One of them is of the Eiffel Tower though, and they are actually beautifully done and all places they have visited.

3 Family Moments Extraordinaire

Three exciting challenges that are happening in my family right now…